How much does Optimizely cost

How Much Does Optimizely Cost?

If you’ve landed here, you’re most likely considering changing your organisation’s website technology – or you’re looking for top-tier experimentation tools like Optimizely A/B Testing and Multivariate testing. Optimizely (formerly Episerver) has undergone significant growth and expansion earning the enterprise-level… Read More

Launchdarkly vs Optimizely hero

Launchdarkly Vs Optimizely

Explore LaunchDarkly vs Optimizely (also known as Episerver) as we take a closer look at  which feature flagging platform is best. Learn what differentiates the two technologies and which one suits your business aims and ambitions for feature flagging and… Read More

Optimizely Pricing Web hero

Optimizely Pricing

If you’re considering choosing Optimizely for your organisation, you’ll undoubtedly need to know how much it costs and more about the pricing scales. Since the digital experience platform (DXP) has seen some rapid expansion, the Optimizely pricing model has adjusted… Read More

Optimizely X Contentful hero

Contentful X Optimizely

Contentful is an API-focused ‘composable content platform’ (headless CMS) that helps evolve businesses’ content marketing quality. The perfect step for smaller companies that are looking to evolve from platforms such as WordPress. The technology is a lower priced entry point… Read More

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