optimizely customized commerce

Optimizely Customized Commerce

The world of e-commerce is volatile and organisations face the ongoing challenge of creating seamless, personalised and engaging buying experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Customized Commerce is the go to platform for organisations looking to create interactions… Read More

Optimizely Free

Is Optimizely Free?

Optimizely is a leading DXP and experimentation provider and is a popular choice for organisations seeking ways to enhance their online presence and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Optimizely, provides a comprehensive suite of tools for experimentation, personalisation, and content management.… Read More

What does Optimizely do

What Does Optimizely Do?

Optimizely is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offering three core pillars of experimentation, ecommerce and digital marketing. In 2020 Episerver acquired Optimizely and created a comprehensive platform integrating the best DXP technology with the best experimentation software to provide customers… Read More

Optimizely vs Sitecore

Optimizely vs Sitecore

When looking for a new digital experience platform (DXP) it can be hard to understand what actually differentiates the market leaders. At a glance they seem very similar as both Optimizely and Sitecore are secure platforms developed in .NET web… Read More

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