Optimizely vs Contentstack

Optimizely vs Contentstack

With 90% of people exclaiming personalised experiences are desirable, having a robust content management system (CMS) built for creating, optimising and delivering content to your target audience is key to success in the digital world. Crafting a captivating digital experience hinges on a robust CMS. But with a huge variety of options available, selecting the ideal platform can be daunting. Two prominent contenders are Optimizely vs Contentstack and the one you choose to invest in depends on your organisation’s business needs.

Personalisation Capabilities

Personalisation capabilities are a key differentiator between Optimizely vs Contentstack. Optimizely CMS takes the lead with its robust built-in functionalities. Organisations can leverage A/B testing tools to experiment with different content variations, headlines, CTAs, and layouts. This allows for data-driven optimisation to identify what resonates best with your audience, ultimately boosting conversions and engagement. This is beneficial for organisations as those excelling in personalisation activities earn 40% more revenue compared to their average competitors.

Contentstack, while offering some personalisation options through custom development and API integrations with external tools, requires more legwork. The headless nature provides flexibility, but it can lead to a more complex setup and potentially siloed data across various integrated systems. Therefore, if seamless and powerful personalisation is a cornerstone of your content strategy, Optimizely CMS’s built-in features offer a clear advantage.

Ease Of Use 

Ease of use is a crucial factor for busy marketing teams who need to manage and publish content efficiently. Here, Contentstack and Optimizely CMS cater to different user preferences. Contentstack champions user-friendliness. Its interface is clean and intuitive, designed for non-technical users to navigate and publish content with ease. The focus on core content creation fosters a straightforward experience, minimising the need for extensive training. 

Conversely, Optimizely CMS, with its all-encompassing functionalities, offers a broader feature set but might require a steeper learning curve when first using it. Marketers accustomed to simpler interfaces might find it more challenging to grasp functionalities like A/B testing and personalisation as these are functions most CMS systems are not equipped with. This could necessitate additional training in the beginning to leverage the platform’s full potential.


Integration capabilities paint another contrasting picture between Optimizely vs Contentstack. Optimizely CMS, as an all-in-one platform, offers built-in integrations for functionalities like commerce, marketing automation, and analytics. This streamlines your workflow by keeping everything under one roof providing a unified experience and ease of use. Optimizely technology partner network also provides integrations with lots of technology partners including Microsoft, Google and Salesforce meaning day to day business operations can go uninterrupted.

Contentstack is built with a headless architecture and API-first approach. It seamlessly integrates with a vast array of external tools and services, fostering a best-of-breed approach. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable tools for each need, but the downside is that setting up and managing these integrations can add complexity to your tech stack.

Data and Analytics and Audience insights

Data and analytics are vital for  any type of organisation as organisations that utilise data-driven approaches are 23 times more likely to acquire new clients. The two platforms Optimizely vs Contentstack differ when it comes to data and analytics for audience insights. Optimizely CMS integrates analytics directly within the platform, allowing you to analyse website traffic, user behaviour, and Optimizely experimentation results seamlessly. This provides valuable insights into audience behaviour and content performance, enabling data-driven decisions to optimise your content strategy.  

Contentstack, due to its headless nature, lacks built-in analytics. While it offers content modelling flexibility, gleaning audience insights requires integrating external analytics tools. This can create data silos and necessitate additional effort to unify data from various sources for a holistic view of your audience. 

Implementation Time 

Implementation timeframe can be a crucial factor, especially for organisations eager to get their content management system up and running quickly. 

Optimizely CMS, with its all-in-one functionalities, often boasts a faster implementation time. The platform comes pre-configured with many features, potentially streamlining the setup process. However, if extensive customisation is needed, it could add complexity and extend the timeline.

Contentstack, on the other hand, might require a longer implementation due to its headless nature. Integrations with various external tools for functionalities like personalisation or analytics need to be configured, potentially adding to the initial setup time. However, the benefit lies in future flexibility.

Content Management  

Content management and campaign tracking capabilities differ between Optimizely vs Contentstack. Optimizely CMS integrates campaign tracking functionalities within the platform. You can tag content with campaign-specific information and leverage built-in analytics to measure the performance of your campaigns across various channels. This provides a centralised view of campaign effectiveness, allowing you to optimise content and strategies based on data. Additionally, Optimizely has their Content Marketing Platform (CMP) where marketing teams can create, review and distribute marketing to various platforms from one place.

However, Contentstack, due to its headless nature, lacks built-in campaign tracking. While it allows adding campaign metadata to content, analysing campaign performance requires integrating external analytics tools. This can create data silos and necessitate merging data from various sources for a comprehensive picture. Therefore, if seamless campaign tracking within your CMS is essential, Optimizely CMS’s integrated features provide a clear advantage. If you already have a robust analytics setup, Contentstack’s API might allow for more customised campaign tracking solutions.


With 91% of marketers saying automation helps them achieve their objectives, it is something that cannot be overlooked when comparing Optimizely vs Contentstack.

Optimizely CMS boasts built-in workflow automation features, allowing you to automate tasks like content publishing, approval processes, and personalisation triggers. This streamlines content management and reduces manual work

Contentstack takes a more open-ended approach. While it lacks built-in automation features, the API integration capabilities allows for integration with powerful workflow automation tools. This grants you greater flexibility to customise automation workflows that perfectly align with your specific needs. The downside is that setting up and managing these integrations requires additional development effort.

Which CMS Is Best For Your Organisation? Optimizely vs Contentstack

If your organisation seeks a straightforward CMS solution without advanced features like experimentation, personalisation  or automation and you have ample developer resources to integrate it with other technologies, Contentstack may suit your needs. On the other hand, Optimizely offers a comprehensive digital software solution incorporating top-notch experimentation and personalisation technologies in one place.

Furthermore, Optimizely has been recognised as a leader in the 2024 Forrester Wave report, while Contentstack falls behind in the strong performers category. So, when deciding between Optimizely vs Contentstack, consider your priorities carefully.

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