Digital Consultancy

We help ambitious organisations to evolve digitally using a combination of strategic, technical and digital marketing support.


Digital Consultancy Specialists

Our goal is to help you transform your digital capabilities, from simple implementations to business wide changes, we will get you where you need to go.

It’s Time To Up Your Digital Game

Our team thrives on the complex, specialising in Optimizely (formerly Episerver). We have helped clients across a wide range of sectors, including automotive, retail, healthcare, finance and b2b commerce.

We can help identify the gaps in your digital strategy, then close them. Whether you need to re-engineer all of your processes, or simply need to transfer to a new technology platform, our team works closely with you to develop completely bespoke solutions.

Extra Support For Your Team

Perhaps you already have the in house resources required for your digital strategy, but just need some help with the technical details and with bringing your vision to life.

Whatever the situation, we are the specialists for you.

We can provide advice on your SEO requirements, what platform to use, how to keep your site secure, and what up-to-date design elements to utilise to keep you ahead of the curve.

Take a look at our services to learn more about how we could help your organisation achieve its digital goals, or contact us today to speak to an expert.

Are you ready for transformative change?

By partnering with us, you’ll be able to tackle these changes head-on – we will help you to embrace and drive change forward, allowing you to strive towards digital excellence across your business.

Our knowledgeable and highly experienced team of digital consultants can guide you through the barriers. They’ll work in partnership with you, to implement the best strategies, design plans, and seamless solutions – to deliver tangible, tracked and targeted improvements.


Discover how Optimizely could benefit your organisation and how to get the best out of your investment.

We are Ultimedia, we design, build and optimise digital solutions exclusively with the Optimizely platform. We have been helping ambitious brands to unlock their potential since 1995 with best-of-breed technology and tactics.

Book a demo with one of our certified experts to take a closer look at how the platform works and could elevate your digital transformation.