Digital Effectiveness Audit

Having a strong digital presence is essential for savvy organisations in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Carrying out annual audits provides your organisation with the knowledge of how well your digital ecosystem is performing in line with your objectives. A Digital Effectiveness Audit is critical in ensuring your business is compliant with best practices and is what drives optimum performance.

The benefits of an annual fully comprehensive digital audit include:

  • Get an expert view of third-party agencies and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gauge the effectiveness of in-house teams and highlight ways to improve performance.
  • Demonstrate high standards to stakeholders.
  • Assist digital strategy with a ‘hit-list’ of actionable insights and expert recommendations
  • Foster learning and build confidence with a dedicated workshop with industry experts.

Full digital audit from Ultimedia

Our Digital Effectiveness Audit covers a complete review and analysis of:

  1. Platform Security and Legal Compliance
  2. Web Development and Coding Best Practice
  3. Page Speed and Mobile Effectiveness
  4. Digital Marketing and Competitor Comparison
  5. Data and Analytics

With each audit we will provide a series of deliverables:

  • A detailed investigation by an industry expert against a best practice checklist.
  • A detailed report outlining performance with ‘Red / Amber / Green’ actions for each element.
  • Presentation of the findings, with recommendations and estimated costs for remediation.

How to get your organisation’s Digital Effectiveness results

The next step in putting your organisation to the test and achieving top performance is to contact us. At Ultimedia we have been helping organisations achieve their digital transformation goals since 1995 and each journey usually began with an audit.

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