Digital Marketing Audit & Competitor Comparison

As digital continues to shape and become an essential part of our everyday lives, organisations that don’t have a strong digital presence will quickly fall behind. Businesses that fail to adopt modern digital transformation strategies risk losing out to competitors that are evolving their organisations in line with global digital trends.

Keeping track of your organisation’s digital marketing performance and how that compares to your competitors is an important way to stay ahead in your market, whilst delivering the best online experiences for your audience. 

What do our analysts check?

We will benchmark digital marketing activity against three of your competitors across various digital metrics. These will include:

Market research


Here we use a series of industry tools to identify areas of concern and opportunities, looking at a broad range of SEO metrics such as backlink metrics, meta tags, on-page, and technical features and keyword analysis.

Content marketing

Firstly, we’ll establish what your content goals are before looking closely at how effective your current content marketing is in reaching them. We identify content gaps and strategic opportunities that will support user experience and SEO performance.

We check all areas of content and media types and create a suggested action plan to help you adjust your content marketing to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing and Customer Comparison from Ultimedia

Paid media

We carry out a rigorous analysis of your paid media accounts, reviewing that campaigns are set up correctly, bid management and how your current ads are performing for your organisation.

We cover a full analysis of your paid activity, including target audiences, bid strategy, ad copy and ROI.

Social media

Like any audit, we’ll first identify your goals before reviewing all of your existing social media platforms and their performance. We’ll look at the audiences per platform, which is your strongest and weakest platform in terms of engagement and achieving your goals. We’ll highlight which content performs best and where there are new opportunities to take your business forward.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still regarded by marketers as a lucrative channel for organisations with 89% of marketers using email as their primary lead generation channel.

Our digital marketing experts will review all aspects of your organisation’s current email marketing strategy and how each area is performing in terms of helping to achieve your goals.

We will check for data accuracy and relevance in your contact lists and segments. We’ll look at key metrics (i.e Open Rate, Click-through-rate), any workflows in place, your CTAs and the quality of your content.

Your Digital Marketing Audit & Competitor Comparison action plan

From this audit, we’ll provide your organisation with a ‘hit-list’ of actions across each area to help give you the edge on your competitors. We have carried out digital marketing audits for hundreds of organisations sector wide to help them achieve their digital goals. Contact us today to learn more about how your organisation is performing in our market.

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