Web Development Audit & Coding Best Practice Audit

When your organisation has invested in a website technology, ensuring that your website solution is built and maintained to the best coding standards can be crucial to delivering optimum results and ROI. Our Web Development and Coding Audit is available for savvy organisations that want to avoid common pitfalls that can be a cost to their brand’s reputation, performance and budget. 

Your Web Development Audit & Website Coding Best Practice Audit will include:

Coding SOLID Principles:

  • We check your website’s code following the SOLID Principles, making sure that your infrastructure is understandable, maintainable and flexible.
  • Following this framework ensures that your code is neat and well structured, this means that if you change one element of the code it doesn’t negatively impact other elements of your site. 
  • Getting this right reduces code coupling and interdependencies for your solution, allowing rapid code development and reduction in errors.

Test Driven Development (TDD)

  • We review your solution and if there’s a TDD approach in place, this is the practice where unit test cases are created ahead of developing the final code. Using this approach from the beginning ensures the code written is to industry best practices and achieves peak performance.
  • Overall, this approach helps to reduce development time for your project and ensures code robustness and that errors are minimal – saving your business on unnecessary additional costs later on fixes.
  • Organisations can also benefit from boosted productivity from automated testing by reducing the number of manual steps required to validate that the code is correct.

Website and coding audit with Ultimedia

Mobile-First Design

  • Over 50% of website traffic happens via mobile devices making mobile-first styling a priority for organisations looking to engage their audiences through a multichannel experience.
  • Mobile user experience is central to buying experiences with 60% of online shoppers reporting to only use mobile to make purchases. In this audit we will review your organisation’s mobile performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Unit Testing

  • We’ll implement automated unit testing within your website’s codebases to ensure regression testing code coverage. This allows for your organisation to be confident that any enhancements and changes made haven’t negatively impacted your existing solution.

Integration Testing

  • Integration Testing is essential for organisations that are using multiple systems across their business i.e. commerce brands that need PIM and ERP systems to work seamlessly together. 
  • We audit to uncover ad hoc tests that might have been missed.
  • The audit explores whether internal modules and components are communicating properly for optimal performance.


  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are the automated best practices used in devops and agile development to change and deliver code more efficiently and effectively.
  • Organisations that implement CI and CD benefit from multiple teams working on various aspects of the codebase, it’s therefore a quicker way of working.
  • CI/CD offers flexible and scalable development – meaning that organisations can go to market faster making projects more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Organisations are also able to work towards the releases of multiple independent features simultaneously.

Source Control Branching Strategy

  • This is a company wide approach to using modern web development best practices that reduces complexity of the delivery pipeline.
  • We’ll explore whether your organisation has a properly implemented branching strategy in place to create an efficient DevOps process. 
  • Having this implemented correctly comes with a long-list of benefits including: faster release cycles, efficient integration with all DevOps tools like version control and allows parallel development.

Test Environments

  • We will assess multiple testing environments that review various parallel development features. 
  • We check that there are options to test in isolation or alongside an integration test environment that closely reflects the live environment of your organisation’s site.
  • Failing to review test environments risks poor testing and complications through live deployments.

How to get a ‘Web Development and Website Coding Best Practice Audit’ for your organisation

At Ultimedia we have our roots in delivering digital solutions in line with best practices for enterprise-level organisations. Since 1995 we have been ensuring that our clients, sector-wide, have the best coded solutions available, built and deployed by experienced and certified development teams.

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