Website Speed & Mobile Website Effectiveness Audit

A website’s loading speed can often be a deciding factor for customers and how they perceive your brand. 25% of visitors will leave a website if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load – signalling that website speed is a necessity for ambitious, customer centric organisations.

More than half of website traffic takes place on mobile devices and with 83.72% of the global population owning smartphones, by 2025 it is predicted that 72% of all internet users will only use smartphones to access the web. Overlooking your organisation’s mobile effectiveness risks missing out on a huge global audience.

Google dominates the search engine space, boasting a 92% market share. Google prioritises mobile first when it indexes websites, meaning that organisations with an effective mobile first approach will be more likely to see the benefits in terms of SEO too.

PageSpeed & Mobile Effectiveness Audit from Ultimedia

Our Website PageSpeed & Mobile Website Effectiveness Audit team will review:

Cross-Browser and Device Compatibility

Users expect seamless end-to-end experiences with the organisations that they engage with. Ensuring that your solution is optimised to function across channels, browser and devices effectively is paramount to attracting and retaining customers.

Azure Application Insights

As an Azure technology partner we have expert knowledge and access to powerful analytics tools to detect performance issues. We will check for any anomalies, diagnose issues, monitor and improve application performance and usability and identify how users engage with apps and the opportunities available.

Google PageSpeed Insights

We are accredited Google Partners and have decades of experience in optimising our clients’ websites in-line with Google’s guidelines to achieve the best results. In this case, we check your organisation’s Google PageSpeed insights which fetches data from both mobile and desktop user agents. This part of the audit is to uncover insights to how users interact with your site and other performance issues that could be affecting your organisation’s SEO results.

Image Optimization

Images play an important part in user experience and SEO performance. We check that your website’s images are optimised to achieve quick loading times and to rank well in Google image SERPs.

Payload Minimisation

Our team reviews your site’s scripts, style sheets and other resources that aid a decreased loading time and mobile data usage. Payload minimisation covers a range of aspects that help speed times and indirectly, SEO performance.

Site Accessibility

Site accessibility ensures that all website visitors can have the same high standard of user experience, accommodating users with visual impairments or other disabilities. 

In this aspect we check that keyboard navigation tab indexing is set up correctly, which enables access for people that are unable to use a mouse. We also will look at screen reader compliant HTML, the utilisation of semantic HTML elements and ARIA descriptive attributes to mark up different elements (i.e. this is a link or this is an image). These aspects should be in place to give context to visually impaired people. Not only does this improve the user experience, it also benefits SEO as Google recognises websites that provide great site accessibility for all users.

Another important aspect to review are any third-party accessibility plugins. These typically provide tools to change font sizes, colour contrasts and text to audio to achieve further accessibility options. 

At Ultimedia, we use the W3C accessibility guidelines to gain compliance levels for sites that are rated as: A, AA, AAA. Level A is given to sites with a minimal level of accessibility, whilst AAA is the highest and hardest rating to achieve.

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