Platform Security and Legal Compliance Audit

Since the COVID19 breakout in 2020, and multiple lockdowns, how organisations operate has shifted enormously. The increase of remote working and market disruption resulted in organisations needing to step-up their digital transformation and have their infrastructure set up to adhere to new compliance and security challenges.

Data protection is vitally important to customers. Organisations that overlook their website security and legal compliance risk a rapid downturn in reputation, customer trust and the future of their organisation.

Avoiding any data breaches or security issues is considerably easier if you carry out a series of checks and know what potential digital threats oppose your business. In line with the ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) certification, our technical experts carry out Platform Security and Legal Compliance Audits for organisations sector-wide to ensure maximum security and peace of mind to them and their customers.

Platform Security and Legal Compliance Audit: What will we test?

Penetration Testing:

  • We assess your website code and posting configuration to identify potential security vulnerabilities.
  • The aim of this is to secure your organisation’s website to prevent hacking and security breaches that could result in costs financially and to brand reputation.

SQL Injection:

  • This includes a deep code analysis to assess any areas for attacks.
  • We check this to ensure that yours / your customers’ data can’t be compromised, read or overwritten. 
  • This check is necessary for data security in line with GDPR regulations.

User Permissions:

  • We check to verify that each user only has the required level of permissions for their roles.
  • Performing this part of the audit across all levels of access should be done to ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to authorised users.

SSL & HTTPS Implementation:

  • We check that all communication between clients and servers is securely encrypted to prevent ‘man in the middle’ attacks and eavesdropping.
  • Carrying out this process means that no unauthorised users can access user submitted data or personal information that makes the individual identifiable.
  • A key factor in GDPR compliance and maintaining customer confidentiality and trust.

Cookie Policies:

  • You’ll receive an audit of cookie usage to ensure users are provided with informed consent for data and its usage.
  • This provides a high-level of transparency for all users.
  • If your organisation’s website has UK or EU visitors, it’s a legal requirement to have a cookie policy and that how cookies are used on your site is compliant with UK/EU laws and GDPR standards.  

API/Function Authorisation:

  • Any API endpoints require secure connections and authentication to ensure that only valid and authorised people have access to data.
  • This audit provides validation and helps customer trust

Data Anonymisation and Backups:

  • Our team will review all of your organisation’s databases and storage files 
  • We check that ‘Cold data’, or data that isn’t actively in use is being securely stored and is encrypted to anonymise and remove personal identifiable information. 

GDPR Checks:

  • All of the above ensure the bulk of GDPR compliance. We carry out additional checks to ensure all data is obtained through consent and has clear options to opt out.
  • It’s critical to carry out these audits. If your organisation’s website isn’t compliant, your organisation risks a fine or further legal action from The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO).

Your next steps to achieving Platform Security and Legal Compliance 

At Ultimedia, we have been helping hundreds of organisations to achieve their digital goals through digital transformation. Our team of experts have over 20 years of experience in conducting in-depth security and legal compliance audits to ensure our clients’ digital ecosystems follow best practices.

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