Episerver Idio and Optimizely

Idio is the technology behind Optimizely Intelligence Cloud. The Episerver Idio acquisition happened in 2019, when Episerver (now Optimizely) were making steps to advance their product offering with new capabilities such as automated content and product recommendations. 

What is Episerver Idio?

Episerver Idio is the intelligence technology that powers content personalisation, intuitive analytics and empowers organisations to create relevant, engaging buying experiences at a global level. This feature is ultised across the Episerver DXC suite and is especially useful for Episerver Commerce customers.

What does Episerver Idio do?

With Episerver Idio businesses can personalise their ads based on their customers’ viewing history, for example in a commerce setting users that have been shopping for running shoes, will most likely be shown running shoe ads that are promoting products based on their browsing activity.

Episerver Idio (Optimizely Intelligence Cloud), bridges the gap between customers’ desires and what organisations can offer. Giving users an overall helpful, richer experience and brands the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with customers and generate conversions.

Organisations that are looking to transform their customer experience can leverage Episerver Idio to reach new, relevant customers using AI to predict what a customer wants and is likely to buy. Better engagement leads to better conversion rates and brand affinity making it a profitable tool. Brands can also save valuable time and improve operational efficiencies with dynamic rule creations that previously would have required manual creation.

Episerver Idio is core to the current Optimizely offering. Its industry-leading capabilities that harness AI to create sophisticated personalised experiences, guidance and data management are world-class and a contributing factor to why Episerver/Optimizely is commended for excellence as a ‘Leader’ by Gartner. Learn more about the Episerver Gartner Magic Quadrant results.

When combined with Episerver Content Cloud, organisations are in an incredible position to transform their digital performance and win through excellence.

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