Optimizely SEO

Ensure optimum performance and search engine rankings for your website.


Optimizely and SEO

Optimizely and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to delivering a superior digital performance to boost visibility and drive relevant traffic to your organisation’s website. The enterprise-level digital experience platform is designed to handle changes in website traffic volumes and huge amounts of content.

Keeping up to date with the latest Google algorithms and SEO trends is challenging without the right tools to hand. Optimizely SEO features give busy digital marketers the necessary tools to help improve website performance and optimise their website to meet the needs of their audience.

Optimizely SEO capabilities

Optimizely’s history is in optimisation, so it’s not surprising that the platform has been designed to include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities. Some of the core features include:


Optimizely site templates are easily configured to allow editors to consistently and efficiently optimise important SEO fields such as: meta data, descriptions, schema mark-up and other tags. This can all be managed in Content Cloud.


Search engines like Google, favour responsive website design for speed and great UX across devices. Mobile traffic accounts for 54% of all website traffic globally, and so it’s paramount that organisations optimise their sites or risk missing out on potential business. Optimizely uses various aspects to improve loading speed, including Cloudflare’s CDN cache.


Optimizely is structured in an accessible way that is totally logical for users. There’s several best practices to produce SEO-friendly URL structures. Optimizely has it all covered to help content marketers avoid easy mistakes like including capital letters or replacing spaces with hyphens.


Optimizely has powerful automation and personalisation features to improve experiences. Optimizely Content Recommendations can be leveraged to tailor content to a user’s interest, boosting engagement, relevance and SEO performance. Marketers can also capitalise on this tool to fine-tune Google Ads using the AI insights from Optimizely.

Optimizely SEO add-ons

Optimizely is a highly flexible technology that seamlessly integrates with additional platforms to enhance experience and ROI, many can be found via Optimizely Marketplace.

  • Google Analytics for Optimizely – for quick dashboard access within Optimizely.
  • Content King – real-time auditing and content tracking.
  • SiteImprove – streamlines workflow for your technical SEO team and allows them to edit within Optimizely.
  • 404 handler – for control over your 404 error pages and easy URL redirects.


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