Digital Platform Strategy

Digital Platform Strategy

Organisations that truly are customer centric prioritise delivering exceptional value and service to their customers and are always looking for new, better ways to deliver better experiences. A brand’s digital ecosystem is not only what underpins end to end experiences for customers and all key stakeholders, but it’s also the vehicle that connects and empowers individuals. 

Investing in the right technology is paramount to any effective digital platform strategy. For over two decades we have seen the most successful organisations lead through their digital transformation, whether it’s changing how we shop, communicate, travel and much more.

What is a Digital Platform Strategy?

The goal of a digital platform strategy will vary depending on the type of technology. Digital platforms will typically let users share information, make transactions or monetise products/services, they can be used to create communities or for data management., 

Creating a digital platform strategy can be complex and daunting. However, having expert advice from accredited technology partners can make the whole process a lot more straightforward. Two key components of building a digital strategy are: 

  1. Adopting digital marketing best practice as early as possible: A common oversight when investing in a new website or solution is to ignore how digital marketing can play a vital role in the overall digital platform strategy. When choosing a new platform or addressing how to maximise your brand’s existing platform, it’s important to consider online visibility and performance. Working alongside digital marketing specialists can help ensure visibility and optimum performance of the platform.
  1. Organisations must adopt fitting technology: Finding the right platform that will enhance operational efficiency, integrate with any other important systems, provide a competitive edge and meet evolving customer needs in an ever-changing digital landscape is imperative for success. Digital experience providers like Optimizely unify automation, analytics, and AI, creating seamless platforms loved by customers and businesses alike.

7 Benefits of Adopting a New Strategy 

1. Enhanced Customer Experience:

A digital platform strategy allows organisations to create a seamless and personalised experience for their customers. By integrating tools such as the Optimizely Data Platform Companies can gather and analyse customer data to understand preferences, behaviours, and pain points. This information enables personalisation, resulting in a more engaging and satisfying customer journey. 

2. Operational Efficiency:

Digital platforms streamline internal processes, reducing manual intervention and optimising resource utilisation. By integrating various business functions such as sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain management, companies can achieve a simple and efficient operation. Integrating AI assisted automation of routine tasks contributes to significant time and cost savings.

3. Scalability and Flexibility:

Modular architecture, shared resources, and automation ensures the platform can accommodate increasing user bases and ambitious expansion. Whether expanding into new markets, adding product lines, or accommodating increased demand, an advanced digital platform can scale seamlessly. This scalability also brings flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer preferences.

4. Innovation Catalyst:

Digital platforms serve as a breeding ground for innovation. It also provides a foundation for experimenting with new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. By fostering a culture of innovation, organisations can stay ahead of the curve, offering novel solutions and services that set them apart.

5. Data-Driven Decision Making:

Embedding analytics and business tools such as Optimizely experiments into a digital platform can offer valuable insights into market trends, customer behaviour, and operational performance. These insights empower leaders to make data-driven decisions, improving strategic planning.

6. Competitive Advantage:

A digital platform serves as a comprehensive marketplace, addressing all customer needs through continuous dialogue and feedback. Functioning as a one-stop centre, it enhances customer loyalty and brand value, fostering stronger relationships. 

7. Increased Revenue:

Integrating a platform strategy into your organisation boosts revenues by creating a loyal customer base. Just a 5% improvement in customer retention rates can result in a profit increase ranging from 25% to 95%.

Which Organisations Are Doing This?

The biggest global brands such as Nike, Uber, Facebook and Airbnb are using digital platforms to turnover billions each year, but how can other ambitious organisations create platforms that add value to their organisation? Here are some examples of how different sectors can benefit from a digital platform strategy:

Travel and Tourism:

Airbnb is a prime example of a digital platform connecting hosts and guests. Another approach is creating a platform where customers engage with travel experts for reviews on travel, accommodations, and dining. This fosters a loyal community, building trust in your brand.


In the finance sector, clients are always seeking deeper knowledge. Whether your organisation is a bank, insurance firm or asset management firm company, this sector has the perfect opportunity to establish online learning platforms. These platforms can offer courses and materials on topics like interest rates and insurance policies, fostering a trusted community.


Brands can shape a unique culture around their identity. A prime illustration is Nike’s Training Club and Run Club apps. These platforms enable personalised experiences, progress tracking, and community building, creating loyal Nike enthusiasts. Simultaneously, Nike gains valuable customer insights for product development and sales.


Digital platforms benefit both B2B and B2C companies in the construction industry. They provide a space for professionals to share advice and tips, fostering a collaborative community. Additionally, these platforms connect professionals with customers, streamlining information sharing and trade hiring. With features like reviews and feedback, they nurture a trusted community, simplifying the process of finding the right tradesperson.

Build Your Platform With Optimizely

When looking to create a digital platform strategy it is difficult to know where to start, however Optimizely makes this easy. Thanks to its blend of flexibility, power and ease of use Optimizely stands out as a leader in building digital experiences. Its modular architecture and open APIs allow for content management, personalisation, experimentation, and more, crafting a platform that perfectly aligns with your unique business needs. But Optimizely doesn’t stop there. Optimizely’s AI and data analysis capabilities give organisations the insights to continuously optimise the platform, ensuring it consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences and fuels growth. Optimizely empowers over 10,000 organisations to build digital platforms that’s not just functional, but truly transformative.

Start Your Digital Transformation

To successfully build a digital platform it is best to get in touch with a specialised agency. From enhancing customer experiences to driving operational efficiency, the benefits are endless regardless of the sector your organisation is based in. Optimizely is the go to platform for all your digital experiences.

As the UK’s number one Optimizely partner, Ultimedia has over two decades of experience in implementing and optimising digital experiences for global organisations. Our team of experts understands that every organisation has their own set of unique needs and we would love to tailor a solution that aligns seamlessly with your digital platform strategy.

Contact us today to start your journey of digital transformation that will redefine the way you do business.

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