Continued maintenance and support to see your business through each stage of its growth.


Support and maintenance from Ultimedia

Maintenance and support is essential for even the most expertly crafted websites and CMS platforms. It’s an ongoing job that needs continued care and attention. That’s why we understand that if your website is temporarily down, or you get a rogue 404 message, it can be extremely damaging to your business. With maintenance and support from Ultimedia, you’ll receive a dedicated team who know the value of your website and are focused on getting things back on track should things go wrong.

Our various support models mean that we can set up the perfect package for you. The experience we have within our team means that we can offer a number of support options.

Support options


Our clients can call a dedicated phone number direct to our team day or night.


Extended or standard office hours support, which can match your Monday to Friday working hours.


Monthly retainer packages where you can select how many days per month you would like to pay for and we use that time in the most effective way for your business.

We’re here to help

We specialise in complex systems and  Optimizely (formerly Episerver). We can provide all the unique support and maintenance that you and your business require. We work with systems and platforms that others don’t delve into, meaning our maintenance and support is invaluable to you and your digital presence.

Our team is consistently communication focused – always keeping you fully informed on the status of any latest issues or jobs. We will close out tasks on time, within agreed SLA’s and ensure your site stays up and running, stable and secure.

A tailored safety net

Whether you’re an existing client or considering us, we are dedicated to delivering whatever you need to help you fulfil your web support and maintenance needs.

From trouble shooting, to helping you plan your next project, our experts have the knowledge to ensure that your online web investment is protected – and that it evolves to meet existing and future customer demands, along with meeting the unique goals of your business

We want to be your go-to support specialists, adding real business value for your growing online enterprise – keeping your platform constantly maintained with the best support, made-to-measure for you.


Discover how Optimizely could benefit your organisation and how to get the best out of your investment.

We are Ultimedia, we design, build and optimise digital solutions exclusively with the Optimizely platform. We have been helping ambitious brands to unlock their potential since 1995 with best-of-breed technology and tactics.

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