Episerver DAM

Episerver DAM

Save time and money on the storage, sharing and organisation of your digital assets

What is Episerver DAM?

Episerver DAM (now Optimizely) is part of the broader Episerver DXC (Digital Experience Cloud). A digital asset management (DAM) system is a technology that is core to the business process of managing digital assets in one central location. Asset management shouldn’t be chaotic or confusing. Episerver DAM provides teams with the tools and capabilities they need to store, manage and share all their organisation’s assets with ease.

Assets in Episerver can be: media files, images, documents or products from Catalogues, giving users full control of their collateral in one place. 

What are the benefits of Episerver DAM?

Episerver DAM has been designed to help organisations to govern their brand with confidence, through intuitive features that empower busy teams to find and manage their content quickly and effectively.

User-friendly Inventories

Episerver DAM users benefit from accessible inventories that make it easy for teams to quickly search and find content in one location. Assets can be grouped and custom integrated workflows are available to make the overall experience seamless and efficient.

Full control of your brand

Keeping on top of assets at scale can quickly become a challenge, especially for enterprises that operate at a global level. Episerver DAM empowers busy teams to manage, update and maintain multiple versions of assets. Users also benefit from content tracking to ensure only the latest asset versions are shared.

Integrated Workflows

Content teams can get the most from their assets through custom integrated workflows that allow users to download, edit and repurpose content. Improving the speed and ease of approving content.

Tracking and Analytics

Improved productivity and content usage through asset utilisation reporting. Discover which assets are most popular to help prioritise production and high value content to enhance global distribution accessibility.

DAM integration options

For more specialised capabilities, Episerver DAM can be extended through a variety of products, these include:

  • ImageVault
  • Digizuite
  • QBank

These products offer extended features such as:

  • Automatic addition of specialised data elements to assets such as geo-data or Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) data
  • Automated cropping of images upon upload
  • Automated channel distribution on assets added to the DAM.

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