5 simple things your DXP should be doing for great ROI

When your organisation has invested in an enterprise-level digital experience platform like Sitecore, it’s fair to expect some impressive results.

Here’s five of the top things that you should expect from your DXP:

1. Seamless integration

The attraction of enterprise-level platforms is that there will be an, ‘it just works’ aspect. No matter whether your organisation has multiple systems that need connecting or what industry you operate in. As a cloud-based, headless platform, Optimizely’s integration capabilities offer more agility and seamless scalability options than Sitecore’s xConnect service layer. 

2. Great user experience

Customer centric organisations that invest in user experience (UX) can expect to see website conversions increase by up to 200%. Your DXP should provide your organisation with sophisticated UX tools and features that are accessible and not a drain on your time. Sitecore’s interface simply isn’t as easy to use as Optimizely, which can be a cost to businesses that are keen to implement great experiences quickly.

Although Optimizely is arguably not as flashy as Sitecore appears, it’s easy to use and allows marketers and developers to build and test content in the same interface, leaving editors to publish rather than being dependent on waiting for developers to deploy content first. Customers can maximise the available tools with ease and focus on great UX, rather than wasting time and money on accessing them.

3. Experimentation

Getting to really know your audience and existing customers is paramount to delivering experiences that delight and convert. Although Sitecore has some testing capabilities, Optimizely A/B testing and multivariate testing cannot be matched. 

Your digital experience platform plays an important role in how effectively you’re able to engage audiences and increase conversions. Equipping your organisation with technology like Optimizely that’s packed with powerful experimentation capabilities and is accessible to use is a great way to boost ROI.

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4. Intelligent personalisation 

Tailored experiences are expected by most consumers and including personalisation into your strategy can lead to increased revenue and retained business. Optimizely sets itself apart from Sitecore in the personalisation arena, leveraging its sophisticated AI and machine learning engine. Optimizely customers benefit from intelligent personalisation where the time consuming manual labour is lifted by the platform, freeing up busy teams to focus on other important tasks.

Using Intelligent personalisation is a great way to create more meaningful, profitable experiences that help businesses be more efficient and delight their customers.

5. Innovation

Innovation should be a long-term benefit, choosing a technology that is as ambitious as your own organisation is a great pairing for success. Unlike Sitecore that promises innovation and excellence, Optimizely has been commended for its ability to deliver on its vision, putting it higher and higher in the Leader’s rankings in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Sitecore is on a downward trajectory, which should raise some alarm bells for organisations with digital transformation goals that include innovation in digital experience.

This recognition from Gartner confirms the calibre of Optimizely and their ability to deliver on their vision. Organisations that choose the leading DXP for their solution benefit from the latest technology and ability to implement them quickly without the long and costly updates that are experienced with Sitecore.

How can your organisation start increasing ROI?

We’ve worked with organisations across a variety of industries, like healthcare, professional services, retail and more since 1995 to help them achieve their digital goals. Being the UK’s first accredited Optimizely Partner with a team of certified specialists, we are well positioned to support your organisation’s digital transformation goals.

To learn more about how Optimizely could help your organisation boost ROI, get in touch today.

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