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Everyday digital skills are absorbed into the regular drumbeat of in-house marketing and in time, organisations will be less reliant on technical agencies for expertise as the skills will be expected in-house. To successfully navigate through digital transformation, ambitious organisations need to develop a digital culture, to help brands achieve this, our strategists developed a framework:

The 5 Digital Cs

  1. Culture – develop a digital culture
  2. Confidence – develop digital confidence
  3. Capability – develop skills to get stuff done
  4. Contingency – be prepared for leavers and promotions
  5. Championing – developing advocacy amongst teams

We have applied this framework to help leading brands and want to help more organisations that recognise the need to get ahead of this trend by easing the transition. As a digital partner, this means that we can focus on more complicated technical aspects of your solution. 

We’ve found this unique approach benefits the overall performance and effectiveness of our partnerships. We can pass on some of our knowledge to empower our clients, do the technical work we do best and have more time to innovate whilst still being on hand to support.

Take the next step to upskill your business

By working together we can provide you with a free digital skills consultation where we will:

  • Evaluate your current team
  • Discuss a plan to develop skills in line with your timescales
  • Work alongside your team members to develop skills and confidence.
  • This could include:
    • Planning and Strategy
    • Content Management
    • SEO
    • CRO
    • Personalisation
    • Analytics

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