How to increase the speed and effectiveness of digital transformation

In the past four years digital transformation spending worldwide has risen on average from £10.6 million to £1.35 trillion. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is anticipated to continue at 18% as organisations are increasingly more likely to invest in digital and emerging technologies following the pandemic. 

Digital investment was already a priority for digitally ambitious organisations, but the COVID-19 pandemic has added pressure for businesses to lead with digital transformation with urgency. With data-scandals making the headlines it’s paramount that organisations are making the right decisions to deliver the best solutions and experiences possible for their customers.

Optimizely can help relieve organisations of this pressure and equip them with the tools to achieve great results at speed.

How can Optimizely help your organisation transform digitally?

Scale with cloud-based solutions

Optimizely is built with the Microsoft .NET framework and is a cloud-based technology which gives clients the advantage to scale their solution at high-speed inline with their organisation. The model makes it a reliable solution that can easily handle sudden changes in traffic volume without negatively impacting performance.

Innovate faster

Customers expect brands that they engage with to be leading with the latest technology. Unlike your current platform, Optimizely allows you to upgrade to the latest releases in a fraction of the time. Its impressive agility is a great cost-saver that means busy teams aren’t left waiting for maintenance and can implement new features quickly without wasting time or money.

Accessibility is a time saver

Sitecore has an overcomplicated architecture in comparison to Optimizely which clients tend to pay the price for. This complex design can lead to deployments becoming very time-consuming and delaying innovation and overall, digital transformation. Investing in a platform that is user-friendly and extremely agile means quicker time to market and a saving to clients.

Be more effective with less complication

Optimizely has been recognised as an industry leader in digital experience in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Year on year the platform moves higher in position, overtaking Sitecore as it fails to deliver the same level of excellence. This is due to several aspects, but importantly accessibility. Sitecore customers are often left overwhelmed, paying for a portfolio of features they’re never likely to use and are too complicated to spend the time understanding. Optimizely on the other hand is easy to use, quick to deploy and can do more than competing platforms with less headaches and time wasted.

How effective is your organisation’s digital transformation?

81% of marketers predict that they will be competing predominantly on the basis of customer experience with their competitors in the next two years, making digital transformation more important than ever across industries. We have helped hundreds of organisations like yours with digital transformation that starts with an initial audit to identify the best course of action for their roadmap.

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