Digital Mot – Is Your Website Inspection Due?

The ‘Digital MOT Test’ is an annual inspection of an organisation’s digital presence.

The Test aims to identify if an organisation’s digital profile is fit for purpose.

The Test includes a number of elements:

  • Website effectiveness
  • Google Presence
  • Use of Paid Media
  • Social Media Activity
  • Content Marketing Effort
  • Email Marketing Activity
  • Legal Compliance
  • Accessibility Compliance

The Test is ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. Where an organisation fails the ‘Digital MOT Test’ we will provide a list of advisory tasks required to thrive in the organisation’s marketplace.

Use our online checker to see if your organisation has a valid Digital MOT certificate or use the form on this page to arrange your Digital MOT Test today and our experts will benchmark your website against THREE COMPETITORS of your choice to help quickly identify areas of strength and opportunity to improve.

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