7 digital habits of highly effective organisations

Creating an environment and mindset across your organisation that focuses on seven digital habits is crucial to ongoing digital success. How many does your organisation implement?

1. Foster a digital culture

Creating a digital culture in your organisation has many benefits across creativity, productivity and recruitment that help your organisation to thrive. Organisations that have fostered a digital culture have found they have a competitive advantage in attracting the best talent to join their teams, which leads to a higher standard of service they’re able to deliver to their customers. 

Organisations that promote digital as part of the culture are creating an environment that’s more open to innovation and creativity too. This provides further opportunity for businesses to gain competitive advantage in performance and customer experience.

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2. An actionable digital strategy

Carrying out a full analysis of your current digital strategy using a variety of marketing frameworks is an effective way of creating an actionable strategy that binds the whole organisation with common goals.  Your digital strategy will put your organisation in a strong position to identify which tactics to implement, a clear roadmap to follow and the ability to track ROI. By monitoring your digital performance, you’re able to make informed decisions on how to best adjust your digital activity to achieve the best possible results.

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3. Plan all activity in a central calendar that includes all disciplines

Getting organised across your organisation is a great way to align all disciplines to work towards the same goals. Using a centralised calendar ensures that your organisation is maximising time and talent to generate the best possible results.

This digital habit binds everyone in the organisation from client facing roles to digital marketers and enables teams to add value to activity. This might mean design teams creating engaging assets for social media posts, development teams creating interactive content to help convert new business, or client service teams being aware of new collateral that could benefit clients they’re speaking to, to new revenue opportunities and client retention.

Optimizely Welcome, enables businesses to plan, collaborate and execute campaigns with ease and is used by some of the world’s biggest names including, Twitter, American Express and JPMorgan Chase & Co. 

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4. Personalise interactions with audiences

80% of consumers are more likely to do business with an organisation that tailors their experience and 66% of consumers expect this. Personalisation is a lucrative tactic that digitally ambitious organisations should be implementing or risk losing out to competitors that are.

Creating personalised experiences isn’t all about new business either, it’s about nurturing meaningful relationships with your existing customers which can both help save money through reducing churn and create new project opportunities with an existing client base. 70% of customers report that their loyalty to businesses is impacted by how well their individual needs are understood.

Optimizely takes personalisation capabilities to new heights by using its powerful AI engine. This allows intelligent, hyper-personalised experiences that benefit both the customers and busy marketing teams. 

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5. Measure everything

‘You can’t improve what you don’t measure’, is a concept attributed to Peter Drucker, often referred to as the founder of management thinking. 

It’s as simple as this, tracking your organisation’s digital performance gives you the ability to change direction when necessary and be data-driven. Measuring and reporting gives organisations the ability to always have a clear view of their performance, what’s working, what isn’t and make informed decisions quickly.

There are hundreds or thousands of tools available to measure performance and an even longer list of metrics that you might want to keep track of. Having one place where you can access this information makes reporting a lot easier and time efficient for busy marketing teams. Optimizely has a sophisticated reporting suite to help data-driven organisations measure performance in great detail in one place – get in touch if you’d like to see how.

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6. Test, test and then test

Testing and learning is a fundamental part of marketing and having the right tools in place for experimentation is a profitable investment for successful organisations. Experimentation underpins customer centricity. By testing content or features for different audience segments and individuals provides organisations with valuable insights to build more trusting and engaging customer relationships.

Organisations that implement testing are able to engage their audiences with the most relevant content and the best time, boosting conversions and improving customer experience.

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7. Constantly re-evaluate 

In the digital age, nothing stands still and neither do effective organisations. To stay competitive and to deliver the best digital experiences for your customers and potential customers there are five aspects that should be reviewed:

  • Technology – reviewing your digital ecosystem (website platform, technologies) can highlight any weaknesses, gaps in capabilities and opportunities to upgrade / innovate.
  • Roles and responsibilities – keeping on top of who is delivering what elements of your digital strategy is key to staying on track to achieve your digital objectives.
  • Skills and expertise – do you have the right skills inhouse to get the best results?
  • Marketplace trends – keeping up to date with the latest trends can help inform your strategic decisions and the direction that you choose to move forward.
  • Competitor activity – staying up to date with what your competitors are doing and how they’re performing helps identify gaps and how you can stay ahead in the market.

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